The Process for a Successful Landscape Design

Grina Landscape Design, LLC believes no project is too large or too small to benefit from an integrated design that enhances the natural assets of a property or garden area. Our Bright white blooms on a dark green Rhododendron provide a stunning contrast.ultimate goal is to transform the project into something both manageable AND beautiful the client will enjoy for years to come!

A landscape design is a road map to the final destination. Not all budgets will allow for a complete landscape renovation to be installed upon receipt of a completed design. Most clients find the design allows them to break their project into manageable pieces that will ultimately achieve the final, coordinated landscape result. Through her experience and resources, Shannon Grina can assist you through the process.

STEP ONE: After an initial phone or email contact, clients are encouraged to complete a Client Landscape Survey to help determine their individual needs and preferences. Finding examples of preferred landscape styles or specific plant likes or dislikes will be helpful information for preparing for an on-site meeting.

STEP TWO: An on-site meeting to evaluate the project site, existing plant material, soil, exposure, and specific client goals/budget for creating a beautiful, functional space.

A pickup truck loaded with pink blooming annuals will transform a client’s yard into a post wedding venue.Dawn Redwoods soft green new growth is a sign of spring in the landscape.

STEP THREE: Photographing, drawing and/or measuring the site.

STEP FOUR: Follow up client meeting with general concepts. There can be multiple solutions to any design. Shannon will present options and help the client select the best choice that will meet their overall goals, timeline and budget.

CAD based landscape plans are detailed, scaled drawings of the hardscape and plantings for a garden that provide a roadmap for the project installation. This design shows the backyard planting plan including a large tree, trellis and patio along with plantings along fence. STEP FIVE: Presentation of detailed recommendations, tracings and/or a detailed CAD based or hand drawn landscape design for the property. A project notebook accompanies each design with specific project notes, a detailed plant list and plant information sheets. Clients find this a valuable resource in the project installation and ongoing care of the property.

Grina Landscape Design also offers on-site garden coaching providing the client with detailed notes or hands on training. This is a wonderful way to educate clients about plant material, garden techniques, and proper maintenance of their new or existing landscape.

Other services provided by Grina Landscape Design:

  • Experienced, professional pruning and rehabilitation of trees and shrubs
  • Container design
  • Seasonal follow up
  • Plant selection, plant purchase and placement
  • Project coordination
  • Contractor liaison
  • Small garden installations
  • Client education
  • Garden Speaker

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